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Ragefire Chasm
13-20 Horde Territory

Source Item Phase
Taragaman the Hungerer Crystalline Cuffs 1
Jergosh the Invoker Robe of Evocation 1

The Deadmines
17-26 Alliance Territory

Source Item Phase
Gilnid Lavishly Jeweled Ring 1
Captain Greenskin Emberstone Staff 1
Edwin VanCleef Corsair's Overshirt 1
Cookie Cookie's Stirring Rod 1

Wailing Caverns
17-24 Horde Territory

Source Item Phase
Deviate Faerie Dragon (Rare) Firebelcher 1
Verdan the Everliving Living Root 1
Mutanus the Devourer Deep Fathom Ring 1
Slime-encrusted Pads 1

Shadowfang Keep
20-28 Horde Territory

Source Item Phase
Odo the Blindwatcher Odo's Ley Staff 1
Wolf Master Nandos Feline Mantle 1
Archmage Arugal Belt of Arugal 1
Robes of Arugal 1
Zone Drop Mindthrust Bracers (BoE) 1
Necrology Robes (BoE) 1
Witching Stave (BoE) 1

Blackfathom Deeps
23-30 Contested Territory

Source Item Phase
Twilight Lord Kelris Rod of the Sleepwalker 1
Old Serra'kis Glowing Thresher Cape 1
Aku'mai Leech Pants 1
Zone Drop Staff of the Friar (BoE) 1

29-38 Alliance Territory

Source Item Phase
Viscous Fallout Acidic Walkers 1
Hydrocane (Underwater Breathing) 1
Electrocutioner 6000 Electrocutioner Lagnut 1
Mekgineer Thermaplugg Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator 1
Zone Drop Hotshot Pilot's Gloves (BoE) 1
Mechbuilder's Overalls (BoE) 1

Razorfen Kraul
29-38 Horde Territory

Source Item Phase
Earthcaller Halmgar (Rare) Wind Spirit Staff 1
Blind Hunter (Rare) Batwing Mantle 1
Stygian Bone Amulet 1
Agathelos the Raging Swinetusk Shank 1
Charlga Razorflank Agamaggan's Clutch 1
Zone Drop Plains Ring (BoE) 1

Scarlet Monastery
33-44 Horde Territory

Side Source Item Phase
Graveyard Azshir the Sleepless (Rare) Ghostshard Talisman 1
Necrotic Wand 1
Bloodmage Thalnos Orb of the Forgotten Seer 1
Library Arcanist Doan Hypnotic Blade 1
Illusionary Rod 1
Cathedral High Inquisitor Whitemane Triune Amulet 1
Whitemane's Chapeau 1
Zone Drop Beguiler Robes (BoE) 1
Swampchill Fetish (BoE) 1
Windweaver Staff (BoE) 1

Razorfen Downs
37-46 Horde Territory

Source Item Limitation Phase
Tuten'kash Silky Spider Cape 1
Plaguemaw the Rotting Plaguerot Sprig 1
Mordresh Fire Eye Deathmage Sash 1
Glowing Eye of Mordresh 1
Mordresh's Lifeless Skull 1
Amnennar the Coldbringer Robes of the Lich 1
Zone Drop Corpseshroud (BoE) 1
Death's Head Vestment (BoE) 1
Freezing Shard (BoE) Mage 1
Thoughtcast Boots (BoE) 1

38-46 Contested Territory

Source Item Phase
Ironaya Stoneweaver Leggings 1
Galgann Firehammer Flameseer Mantle 1
Grimlok Grimlok's Tribal Vestments 1
Zone Drop Miner's Hat of the Deep (BoE) 1

40-50 Contested Territory

Side Source Item Phase
Orange Razorlash Vinerot Sandals 1
Noxxion Heart of Noxxion 1
Noxious Shooter 1
Purple Lord Vyletongue Satyrmane Sash 1
Poison Falls Celebras the Cursed Grovekeeper's Drape 1
Inner Landslide Cloud Stone 1
Tinkerer Gizlock Inventor's Focal Sword 1
Rotgrip Rotgrip Mantle 1
Princess Theradras Charstone Dirk 1
Eye of Theradras 1
Gemshard Heart 1

43-50 Contested Territory

Source Item Phase
Antu'sul Lifeblood Amulet 1
Witch Doctor Zum'rah Jumanza Grips 1
Zum'rah's Vexing Cane 1
Dustwraith (Rare) Desertwalker Cane 5
Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz Bad Mojo Mask 1
Zone Drop Brainlash (BoE) 1
Flaming Incinerator (BoE) 1
Runed Ring (BoE) 1
Spellshock Leggings (BoE) 1

The Temple of Atal'Hakkar
44-52 Contested Territory

Source Item Phase
Atal'ai Gloves 1
Dawnspire Cord 1
Drakeclaw Band 1
Drakestone 1
Nightfall Drape 1
Jammal'an the Prophet Gloves of the Atal'ai Prophet 1
Kilt of the Atal'ai Prophet 1
Vestments of the Atal'ai Prophet 1
Avatar of Hakkar Featherskin Cape 1
Spire of Hakkar 1
Shade of Eranikus Dire Nail 1
Dragon's Eye 1
Rod of Corrosion 1
Zone Drop Mindseye Circle (BoE) 1
Mistwalker Boots (BoE) 1
Soulcatcher Halo (BoE) 1

Blackrock Depths
48-56 Contested Territory

Source Item Phase
Bael'Gar Sash of the Burning Heart 1
Houndmaster Grebmar
High Interrogator Gerstahn
Spritecaster Cape 1
High Interrogator Gerstahn Enthralled Sphere 1
Kentic Amice 1
Gorosh the Dervish Flarethorn 5
Anub'shiah Graverot Cape 1
Hedrum the Creeper Silkweb Gloves 1
Ok'thor the Breaker Ban'thok Sash 1
Cyclopean Band 1
Pyromancer Loregrain Flamestrider Robes 1
Kindling Stave 1
Pyric Caduceus 1
Golem Lord Argelmach Omnicast Boots 1
Ribbly Screwspigot Wayfarer's Knapsack 1
Lord Incendius Flameweave Cuffs 1
Fineous Darkvire Chief Architect's Monocle 1
Warder Stilgiss Arbiter's Blade 1
Boreal Mantle 1
Ambassador Flamelash Burst of Knowledge 1
Cape of the Fire Salamander 1
Chest of The Seven Blood-etched Blade 1
Haunting Specter Leggings 1
Magmus Magmus Stone 1
High Priestess of Thaurissan High Priestess Boots 1
Emperor Dagran Thaurissan Emperor's Seal 1
Robes of the Royal Crown 1
Zone Drop Aristocratic Cuffs (BoE) 1
Funeral Pyre Vestment (BoE) 1
Spire of the Stoneshaper (BoE) 1

Dire Maul
56-60 Contested Territory

Side Source Item Phase
East Hydrospawn Tempest Talisman 2
Lethtendris Quel'dorai Channeling Rod 2
Alzzin the Wildshaper Ring of Demonic Guile 2
Zone Drop Phasing Boots (BoE) 2
North Guard Slip'kik
Guard Mol'dar
Heliotrope Cloak 2
Sublime Wristguards 2
King Gordok Crown of the Ogre King 2
Gordok Tribute Mindsurge Robe 2
Rod of the Ogre Magi 2
Cho'Rush the Observer Mana Channeling Wand 2
West Magister Kalendris Amplifying Cloak 2
Elder Magus Pendant 2
Mindtap Talisman 2
Tsu'zee Brightspark Gloves 2
Immol'thar Robe of Everlasting Night 2
Lord Hel'nurath Diabolic Mantle 2
Prince Tortheldrin Mind Carver 2
Zone Drop Wand of Arcane Potency (BoE) 2

58-60 Contested Territory

Source Item Phase
Kirtonos the Herald Clutch of Andros 1
Heart of the Fiend 1
Jandice Barov Darkshade Gloves 1
Dreadmist Mantle 1
Vectus Skullsmoke Pants 1
Ras Frostwhisper Freezing Lich Robes 1
Shivery Handwraps 1
Spellbound Tome 1
Magister's Mantle 1
Doctor Theolen Krastinov Magister's Gloves 1
Instructor Malicia
Doctor Theolen Krastinov
Lorekeeper Polkelt
The Ravenian
Lord Alexei Barov
Lady Illucia Barov
Necropile Robe 1
Necropile Cuffs 1
Necropile Boots 1
Necropile Leggings 1
Necropile Mantle 1
Burial Shawl 1
Dimly Opalescent Ring 1
Darkmaster Gandling Bonecreeper Stylus 1
Devout Crown 1
Dreadmist Mask 1
Don Mauricio's Band of Domination 5
Magister's Crown 1
Witchblade 1
Death Knight Darkreaver (Paladin and Shaman Quest) Oblivion's Touch 1

56-60 Contested Territory

Side Source Item Phase
Living Hearthsinger Forresten Magister's Boots 1
Piccolo of the Flaming Fire (Fun) 1
Songbird Blouse 1
Postmaster Malown The Postmaster's Band 1
The Postmaster's Seal 1
The Postmaster's Trousers 1
The Postmaster's Treads 1
The Postmaster's Tunic 1
Timmy the Cruel Grimgore Noose 1
Cannon Master Willey Diana's Pearl Necklace 5
Archivist Galford Archivist Cape 1
Devout Gloves 1
Tome of Knowledge 1
Balnazzar Fire Striders 1
Gift of the Elven Magi 1
Shroud of the Nathrezim 1
Star of Mystaria 1
Jarien Scepter of Interminable Focus 5
Undead Baroness Anastari Banshee Finger 1
Dreadmist Sandals 1
Shadowy Laced Handwraps 1
Nerub'enkan Thuzadin Sash 1
Maleki the Pallid Devout Sandals 1
Skull of Burning Shadows 1
Magistrate Barthilas Crimson Felt Hat 1
Royal Tribunal Cloak 1
Ramstein the Gorger Soulstealer Mantle 1
Baron Rivendare Deathcharger's Reins 1
Devout Skirt 1
Dreadmist Leggings 1
Magister's Leggings 1
Ritssyn's Wand of Bad Mojo 5
Seal of Rivendare 1
Thuzadin Mantle 5

Lower Blackrock Spire
55-60 Contested Territory

Source Item Phase
Highlord Omokk Skyshroud Leggings 1
Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin Funeral Cuffs 1
Quartermaster Zigris Hands of Power 1
Halycon Ironweave Bracers 5
Overlord Wyrmthalak Trindlehaven Staff 1
Crystal Fang (Rare) Sunderseer Mantle 1
Spirestone Lord Magus (Rare) Globe of D'sak 1
Magus Ring 1
Ogreseer Tower Boots 1
Burning Felguard (Rare) Demonskin Gloves 1

Upper Blackrock Spire
55-60 Contested Territory

Source Item Phase
Pyroguard Emberseer Flaming Band 1
Wildfire Cape 1
Solakar Flamewreath Crystallized Girdle 1
Devout Mantle 1
Dustfeather Sash 1
Polychromatic Visionwrap 1
Jed Runewatcher (Rare) Briarwood Reed 1
Serpentine Skuller 1
Starfire Tiara 1
Warchief Rend Blackhand Band of Rumination 1
Dragonrider Boots 1
Gyth Dragonskin Cowl 5
The Beast Bloodmoon Cloak 1
Frostweaver Cape 1
Ironweave Boots 5
Spiritshroud Leggings 1
General Drakkisath Devout Robe 1
Dreadmist Robe 1
Draconic Infused Emblem 5
Magister's Robes 1
Spellweaver's Turban 5
Tome of the Lost 5
Tooth of Gnarr 1
Lord Valthalak Ironweave Cowl 5
Lord Valthalak's Staff of Command 5
Rune Band of Wizardry 5