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We would like to thank teebling and his awesome Barrens Chat website who provided most of the background images used in our website. Also, we thank SivHD for his WoW Classic Keys & Attunements Infographic used in the Keys and Attunements page of this website.

We also thank Infra for his Mage in Classic WoW 1.13 Google Doc, Jace for his Dalaran Tome of Knowledge and Kargoz for his Comprehensive Mage Leveling Guide. A lot of data comes from these fantastic guides, so feel free to take a look and thank them!

Of course, we thank r/classicwow on Reddit, the Mage Classic Discord Server and the North's Discord Server which are obviously a mine of information.

Finally, we thank Wowhead, as well as Classic DB,, Fandom and Wowpedia for their amazing database.

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